Try a wine from Ruhlmann Alsace this Thanksgiving!

On sale up until Thanksgiving are the Pinot Blanc “Plaisir Fruité”, Riesling “Cuvée Jean-Charles”, and Pinot Noir “Cuvee Mosaïque” from the Ruhlmann family of Alsace, France.

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Since 1688, the Ruhlmann family has been making wine in Alsace, a northeastern border area of France known for its beautifully fragrant wines sandwiched between the Vosne mountain range in Germany and the Rhine river of France.

Pinot Blanc “Plaisir Fruité”


• Colour : Pale yellow, with nice brilliance.

• Nose : A fruity and fine bouquet, very pleasant, with soft aromas of honey and almond.

• Mouth : Soft and mellow first impressions, with fruity notes of Pinot Blanc.The back of the palate reveals apricot, peach and citrus fruit flavours.

Our advice : This wine goes well with starters, fish or white meat. It can also be served as a single wine throughout the meal.

Temperature : Serve chilled between 8-10°C (47-50ºF).

Riesling “Cuvée Jean-Charles”

Tasting :

• Colour : Crystal-clear, pale yellow, very bright.

• Nose : Citrus fruits, pear, pineapple and quince aromas.

• Mouth : A first impression fresh and distinguished, with fruity and floral flavours following on with a virile, lingering character.

Our advice : This is a traditional Riesling, with great acidity and a silky smooth texture. It is an excellent accompaniment to fish, shellfish and white meat but also to typical Alsatian cuisine such as choucroute and baeckeoffe, or to Sushi.

Temperature : Serve chilled between 8-10°C (47-50°F).

Pinot Noir “Cuvee Mosaïque”:

Tasting :

• Colour : Deep pinkish-ruby-red. Presented in a green bottle.

• Nose : Ripe and wild bouquet, with aromas of raspberry, black currant and red currant.

• Mouth : A nice, pleasant wine. A gamey side with red fruits coming through. A well-balanced wine that lingers in the mouth.

Our advice : This Pinot Noir goes very well with grilled and roasted meat, Asian food or with a cold meal.

Temperature : Serve chilled between 8-10°C (47-50°F).

Ian Perry