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A Family-Owned and operated Rockland business — for more than 30 years.

Rockland Foodservice (RFS) is a family-owned wholesale foodservice grocery store located in the beautiful Mid-coast town of Rockland, Maine. The Rockland Foodservice store is referred to as the gateway to Rockland as it is conveniently located on the way into town. The company has been a family owned and operated business in the city since the 1970s and has grown along with it over the years. Rockland is a fishing village that has evolved into a tourist spot and in the past ten years, seen an increase of quaint boutique hotels, tasty restaurants, and unique shops tucked away in every corner. RFS is owned by a young brother and sister team who inherited the business in 2016 from their late parents. The business is operated by seven employees, all of whom are Maine natives and have called Rockland and the surrounding area home for many years.  

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The RFS Difference

Rockland Foodservice is located right at the gateway of Rockland, and for Rockland Foodservice customer service is top priority. We take pride in building and maintaining great customer relationships and acknowledge that our business has been built upon those numerous relationships. We are a family business that has extended our family to include our customers and our customer service represents that. In being here for over thirty years, we have planted our roots in the Midcoast, Maine region and understand how important and close the community is. In support of our close-knit community we are a one stop shop and offer more products than any other food distributer in one store. We provide a great variety of goods from paper goods to craft beers and specialty wines to the coastal community of Maine and on the islands off the coast of Maine. We are a multichannel food service that provides to restaurants and grocery stores on the wholesale side of the business and also providing to the consumers in our community on the retail side. With the thought of building and maintaining relationships, RFS plans to continue to improve operations to enhance customer service like never before.